DMoeFunk - Clown Rap.mp3 320kbps

DMoeFunk - Bar Mitzvah Cash.mp3 320kbps

Here are two more releases from my album "Space Disco". They are both raps I wrote in 2006. The Bar Mitzvah Cash I wrote after djing Bobby's Bar Mitzvah in 2005. It was a fun event and working with kids can be nerve racking and rewarding $$$$. Both songs have lyrics written to the file.


Power Snuggle 1

DMoeFunk - Power Snuggle 1 192kbps

It has been way too long since I have posted a techno song for people. I have been busy following orders. NO MORE OF THAT! If I was ever gonna play live (people actually coming to dance to beats) I would play this song.

This track is over 12 mins of a live jam I performed in my headphones at a cafe with my girlfriend. I got super jacked up on black tea and made this track in one take. I made it with Reason on Genevieve's laptop using my Korg Microcontroler. First I made beat loops and then I composed them live. Now that I have a laptop of my own, I plan on doing this again. Caffine + Laptop = Super Bangin Track!


Agent Orange

Agent Orange - No Reality

Agent Orange - Patient Zero

Agent Orange - Eppic Fade

Agent Orange just released these brand new drum n bass tracks for all to enjoy.



DMoeFunk - Technocolor 320kbps

This is the only track that I've recorded with myself playing "real" instruments. I played the guitar and harmonica. I also sampled most of the drums from a crappy drum kit that someone left in our living room.


The Pirate Song

15 Men - DMoeFunk 320kbps

Straight off of my new album "Space Disco". I found an old Sea Chanties album of a bunch of dudes singin pirate songs and decided to sample this particular track because its real dark and everyone knows it. Enjoy!


Hood Mongrels

Hood Mongrels - T.O.P. Extreeem 192kbps

Hood Mongrels - Gold Covered Diamonds 128kbps

Hood Mongrels don't even have a myspace profile. They are straight from the streets! And they don't even know how to follow rules. They are rich and thuggy, and that makes for some super ghetto tracks!!! Get your bling on!


Gutter Music Mix by Jantsen

Jantsen - Gutter Music 128kbps

Mega ill McNastys. I haven't stopped listening to this mix in a whole month. Super chopped lyrics and cut up beats with dirty synths galore. Gives me goosebumps.

myspace.com/ghettoblastazsoundcrew (side project)


The Turkish Dance

The Turkish Dance - DMoeFunk 320kbps

Yeah, this is the first free release track off my newest album "Space Disco". I got lots more to come. But I think this is one of my favorites off the album for sure.


Portland Sound Machine

Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Conga (DMoe's Portland Sound Machine Remix) 320kbps

So I heard a bmore-ish version of this vocal hook on repeat. And I was all about it. I didn't even bother trying to find it cause I wanted to make my own version with a little bit more techno funk. So here it is!


Always And Forever

Donna Lewis - I Will Love You Always And Forever (DMoeFunk Remix) 320kbps

I turned the radio on in the 90's and listened.


Time To Pretend

Time To Pretend (DMoeFunk Club Mix) - MGMT 320kbps

I was definatley feeling like this track was a big end of the night super rocker for everyone to sing with. So I wanted to make it mixable and faster paced. I'm not sure if I'll be able to play it after the next couple of months because I hear it on everyones myspace profile now. We'll see.


McCartney's Alter Ego

McCartney's Alter Ego (DMoeFunk's Mash) - Wings VS Alter Ego.mp3 320kbps

I was really into this Band On The Run track and wanted to make everyone feel it in the club so I mashed this up and here it is.