Summer Dance Hitz Mixtape


New MIX!

This set was recorded live at MIXER 9-22-11. DMOE FUNK Ran visuals.
MIXER was started to facilitate communication in the electronic community, each week we do cocktails and watch 5 very talented electronic musicians do their thang!
Recorded Live @ MIXER by MrRomo

Set List:
The Zombies - Time of the Season
Let It Bump - Missy Elliott - Hydroz Remix
Yo Voy - Novalima - Seigi Remix
Over The Top - Hypno
Unstable Condition - John Tejada
Left - Marek Hemmann
Do It - Lucas Greenberg
Please - Beat Factory
Deep & Blue - Dionigi
Time Flies - Gorge
Hear Me - Bas Amro
Bring The Heat - Daniel Dubb


Son of a Beach

So, my long time friend Dan, maybe you know him... Dmoe FUNK, asked me to come out to the beach and test his new subwoofers (there were 2). Some guy named it BASS AT THE BEACH, and I believe that guy may have also been Dan. Coincidentally, this coincided with some kind of trash festival that sells clawfoot bathtubs for a $100. Also, i bought a kick-ass shirt, I believe dan may have purchased a hoodie which barely covers his 2 foot afro. Should i exaggerate about dans Impressive head ornamentation more commonly referred to as a massive cloud of fro?

ok I will, just for the sake of show biz.... Dan and his 5foot +2 mega afro of the red wizard...

Ok fine, so I ran out of ideas when I typed red wizard so lets just continue.

The festival was cool... they served chowder & beer served in old canning jars, and had a bunch of hot women walk the plank while wearing anime clothing made of trash. A surreal experience and ultimately a very good time. Oh, did i mention this festival was at the local garbage repository?

On a side note, you should ask me later about the hardware store that sells cajun vegan hotdogs & beer.

This might be a good time to mention my short attention span.

After we left this "Trashion Show", the real fun began. BASS AT THE BEACH was the event... which if we all send love letters to the senior executive chief editor of this blog we might get a picture posted of above this ramble of mine. Now i know you might think im now speaking of a fishing contest, but i can assure you the amount of noise involved at said event would like have scared fish away for a good 20 miles. From what i understand NO FISH = Bad fishing, so its rather unlikely it was a fishing event at any rate. DJ DMOE FUNK, DJ 4-PLAY and myself tore it up hard this night. Which is the real point of this ramble.

Here is my set.
It bangs at your front door and then punches you in the face when you open to say hello.


A Remix & How to make it

Hello and welcome to a new recurring post I may or may not ever do again. Its called "How to make a remix". Todays remix is: Chris Brown Ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne VS Cookie Monsta - Look At Me Relax (Shotgun Buck remix).

A quick introduction... my name is Mr Romo I have various alter ego's. The one for bangin dance music is: SHOTGUN BUCK. The capitals are very important.

This remix could not be any more basic. Serious. But that hasn't stopped it from all ready being ripped off. Im looking your way FRANCE. Lets just say 24 that hours after I posted this in my music archive,Ii found a shitty copy of it on Soundcloud with someone else's name on it. This person sucks for doing that and apparently lives in France.

So I took matters into my own hands and am posting exactly how to do it Live here:
Step 1: Get a copy of Chris Brown's track "look at me now"

Step 2: Get a copy of Cookie Monsta's "relax"

Step 3: Coming out of a track like "Zeno - Blazin", we're going to play the Chris Brown (CB) cut with about 1min 13 remaining. (Hint: use a loop on the out beat if the cut you're exiting has a short outro)

Step 4: Cue Cookie Monsta's "Relax" at the first drop (approx 53 seconds in).

Step 5: Set your pitch to approx +2%

Step 6: Wait for the Busta Rhymes vocal break on the CB cut. Kill the cut you're coming out as the Busta intro come in clean (AKA just the CB track playing).

Step 7: At 1min 15seconds, when the beat comes back in & the break stops drop Cookie Monsta's Relax in at a volume that is loud but quiet enough to hear the Busta rap.

Step 8: let both records play & show off to your audience with behind the deck dance moves like raise the roof, the arm pump, a head stand, or my personal favorite the "drink your Scotch & tell the bimbo asking for the new Bieber to sod OFF".

Step 9: Very important. Pleas for the love of all thats good & plenty, have a second record ready because the outro on this mix is only about 15 seconds. Using a loop you could extend it forever. Keep in mind: long transitions do not necessarily make a better mix.

Alternately you could just download my remix & follow this procedure:

Step 1: Play
Step 2: Give me props since I just gave you some knowledge.

Shotgun Buck - Blazin To Relax by Shotgun Buck

Download the basic remix here.