Winter 08 Song Selections

Help yourself to my collection of favorite snowed in jams!

This collection of music applies to the past present and future ghosts of Christmas. So pay attention! This is your life!

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1. DMoeFunk - EmoDMoe Music (Intro)
2. The Mountain Goats - This Year
3. DMoeFunk - This Year
4. Yeasayer - Red Cave
5. MGMT - Electric Feel
6. Rodrigo y Gabriela - Ixtapa
7. Psapp - This Way
8. lights.on - I Don't Know
9. The Embassy - It Pays To Belong
10. TTA - Taken Too Young
11. Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers (Deep Range Jackin' Mix)
12. Kalabrese - Hide
13. Maple Rabbit - Haunted Houses
14. The Morals - Advice
15. Detektivbyran - E18
16. Arthur Russel - A Little Lost
17. Sixto Rodriquez - Silver Words
18. Christopher Cross - Sailing
19. Milosh - The City
20. New Radicals - Get What You Give
21. Jane Child - I Don't Want To Fall In Love
22. Kalle J - Vingslag

Bonus Unmixed Mountain Goats Remix:

The Mountain Goats - This Year (DMoeFunk Remix).mp3 320Kbps : 5.5Mb : 2:22

Peace And Love in 2009


The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

DMoeFunk - The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy.mp3 320kbps : 4Mb : 1:40

Merry Christmas! Here is a short little cover/remix of one of my favorite Christmas time songs. The song is from The Nutcracker, a fairy tale ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The ballet is performed primarily around Christmas time. On another note, the picture is from "Ballerina Who Loves B-boy." An Off-Broadway production. www.BallerinaWhoLovesBboy.com


Cool Game Alert!

Auditorium is about the process of discovery and play. There are no right or wrong answers; there are many ways to solve every puzzle. To get started, fill up the first audio level. This game is really cool and I wish I didn't have to write a paper right now.


Roland TR-808 Operation Demonstration

DMoeFunk - Wee Wee Club.mp3 320kbps : 21.1MB : 9:07

My friend Eliott Porter at Cesspool Projects asked me to make a track for a Roland TR-808 compilation disc that he was putting together. The criteria was that I could only use the Roland TR-808 sounds for the drums. The album was released on Aug 8, 2008 (08/08). He got a wide variety of artists to contribute to it's broad ranging track selection. It is way sick! If the album becomes available for sale, you can probably get it at its discogs release.

The track I made is a cover of The Mighty Boosh's song "Love Games". I just used a synth. Enjoy!


Storm Bowels Mix

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
-Dylan Thomas

DMoeFunk - Storm Bowels Mix.mp3 128kbps : 46:20 : 42.6MB

I created this mix to play at Cosmos and Karen's wedding on September 27th. It was great and I wanted to share it with everyone else who wasn't there. It is also a good reference to the style of dance tracks I will play at my monthly at Crush. Anna suggested to throw in the George Michael so I did. Great idea Anna!!!!


Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock
Lack of Afro - Touch My Soul
Lil Wayne - A Milli
Carpenters - Superstar
George Michael - Freedom 90
International Pony - Gothic Girl
Chocolate Puma, Bingo Players - Touch Me (Bart B More Remix)
Alanis Morissette - Ironic
Roy Rogers - Graceland
Axer - 123
Jimi Jameson - I'm Always Here
Parris Mitchell - Ghetto Shout Out!!
Keysha Cole - Let It Go
The Morals - Red Velvet (Cosmos Remix)
Joe Ventoso - You're The Best Around
Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills And Far Away
Le Le - Breakfast
Too Short - Blow The Whistle
Louis La Roche - On The Floor
Switch - A Bit Patchy (Eric Prydz Remix)
Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)
Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken Glass


I Love The Sound Of Booty Shakin'

Nick Lowe vs Wreckx-N-Effect - I Love The Sound Of Booty Shakin' (DMoeFunk Mash).mp3 320kbps : 7.7Mb : 3:18

Ok, I know I have not posted any remixes or songs in a long time. But I have been working on stuff. So here is a mash-up for you! Ray was mad that I didn't put up stuff sooner. So there are more tracks to come this month so stay tuned!!!


Aaron's Birthday Garage Jam

Jam Clip 1.mp3 7.5Mb : 128kbps : 8:03

Morgan's Song.mp3 661kb : 128kbps : :38

Some clips of tracks we made in my garage at Aaron's last munute birthday party. It was all improv. Message me if you want the whole file.


I Got Video Remixed!

Aaliyah feat. Timbaland - Are You That Somebody (DMoeFunk Remix).mp3 320kbps : 10.6Mb : 4:34

So I remixed this song a while back. And somehow it fell into the hands of Track857. Who in tern re-cut the original "Are You That Somebody" video to the beat of my club remix. Jesse found it on youtube and here it is! Thanks Track857!


Got Game


Bridge Builder is a free game that was released in 2000. I remember playing it and not being able to stop. You are given a budget and a train that needs to get to the other side. Your job is to build a bridge that will hold up to gravity and a train that weighs a x amount of pounds.


Magic Pen is a free flash game that uses your imagination and physics to get a ball to a flag. FUN!


Da Trees 2

Da Trees 2.lxl 1.57Mb

This is a level I made for the game Liero Extreme. Its not super clean but its perfect for a good game of morts! Right click and save. Put in your levels folder and enjoy!!!


Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell (Piano by Gonzales) - Multiply (In A Minor Key) {DMoeFunk Club Mix}.mp3 320kbps : 11.4Mb : 4:50

Me and Cos had a session at a cafe. I decided that this track needed to be mixable. Such a funky track. And this animated gif was an art project. I wanted to make something to remind me about making money. I have never had a big drive to make money and I feel like its a good time in my life to start thinking about it.


Valentine - Update

This is a music video I made for my girlfriend Genevieve for Valentines Day. I recorded myself playing guitar and singing using Ableton. And then I made the music video in Windows Movie Maker. Its super cheesy but hey. This is a medley of two Harry Connick Jr. songs "Come By Me" and "I'm Walkin".

DMoeFunk - Harry Connick Jr Medley.mp3 160kbps : 3.9Mb : 3:24

Gt brought to my attention that "I'm Walkin" is not originally a Harry Connick Jr. song. Its a Fats Domino track from the fifties. So I found this Wu-Tang mash-up of the track at myspace.com/wuorleans. Theres also a bunch of other "Wu Orleans" mash-ups as well. Thanks for the knowledge GT!

DJ BC - Boxing Fats Domino.mp3 256kbps : 4.6Mb : 2:17


B-Day Party

If you know me, then you know I love to have awesome dance partys for my birthday. And this year is no exception. I also got this Aaliyah remix done. So happy birthday me.

Nick Lally Philadelphia/Oakland artclash.com

DMoeFunk Portland discositdown.com

Tyler T Portland
100 Bones Mixtape zshare

Aaliyah feat. Timbaland - Are You That Somebody (DMoeFunk Remix).mp3 320kbps : 10.6Mb : 4:34


Nebula Path

DMoeFunk - Nebula Path.mp3 320kbps : 7.9Mb : 3:18

DMoeFunk - Dry Hump.mp3 320kbps : 12Mb : 5:05

Ok so I forgot about these two tracks that were also on the album. But thats it I promise. I have to do my taxes.


Fun Flash Games

This is a cool flower game called Seed. You can cross polinate different flowers and create new ones. Its way fun and cool.

This Processing program called Yellowtail is a super fun drawing program that lets you do cool things.

Red is a classic arcade style shooting game with cool music and fun play action.

Bloxorz is a great flash puzzle game. I like all these games cause they are non violent and you can be creative (except for Red). I like to play violent games to but I'd rather share the creative ones. Let me know if you know of any tight creative flash stuff.


Diizy - It Takes Heart.mp3 128kbps : 6.2Mb : 6:41

This tracks comes outta Van City British Columbia. Diizy was so kind as to send it this morning and I thought it was hype enough to share with all yall. He sampled a northern soul song by Greg Perry. Enjoy!



Old Episodes Fixed

A few of you have been complaining about the old podcast episodes being unavailable. So I fixed them. Our old podcast "The Discositdown-Spacecast" complete catalog is now available for download and/or listen.
Episode 10
Episode 9
Episode 8
Episode 7
Episode 6
These were the ones that were unavailable before. I strongly recommend listening to all of them if you have not heard them before. They are awesome!

Take It To The Max

DMoeFunk - Take It To The Max.mp3 192kbps : 3Mb : 2:03

I want to do more songs like this. I feel like its more true to myself when I rap freestyle and just let everything flow. The problem is that not everything my mind spits out is very socially exceptable. But isn't that what makes music so great every now and then?


Song For Gen

DMoeFunk - Song For Gen.mp3 320kbps : 19.7Mb : 8:32

DMoeFunk feat. Anthony Cotham - Pooped My Pants.mp3 320kbps : 5.6Mb : 2:18

Well, I think thats about it for the Space Disco album. I have released all the tracks individually on this blog and I will soon post a link to purchase the album in its entirety. It has skits and funny stuff in between most of the tracks plus a dj mix of some of the tracks at the end. I have some new songs and remixes to post real soon so stay tuned.

I made the "Song For Gen" when I first started dating Genevieve. I started making it over at Gen's house hangin out with her. Then later I finished it at Jim and Nathan's house while they went to get beer. The "Pooped My Pants" track was made in our garage and my room-mate Anthony came in to play the keys.


Erik Travis - Old Skool

I usually don't post videos but...

dmoefunk youtube account


Sunday Night Party Mix

DMoeFunk - Sunday Night Mix.mp3 128kbps : 44.6Mb : 48:27

This is a LIVE mix I did at Cosmos and Karens apartment a couple Sundays ago. I did not use turntables this time. I just used Ableton Live. The party had a great vibe, good people, and snacks! Mmmmm.


In The Night 22 - Exile
Creator - Santogold
Bangin - Si Begg
Fais Rentrer Les Euros (feat. Uffie & Feadz) (Larytta Remix) - M.I.T.C.H.
Want You Back - Jackson 5
Down The Line - Jose Gonzalez
What's A Girl To Do? - Bat For Lashes
Heartbeats - Scala
Remember Back In The Day - DJ Zimmie
Crossroads - Bone Thugs N Harmony
Ringardos - Sebastien Tellier, Mr Oizo & SebastiAn
$tunt (Flying Lotus Remix) - Mr Oizo
Scenic World - Beirut
My Boo - Ghost Town DJs
Set Adrift (Titsworth Remix) - P.M. Dawn
Magic Carpet Ride - Mighty Dub Katz
Venus - Shocking Blue

...and because no mix should ever be done without a Daft Punk song in it....
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (deadmau5 edit) - Daft Punk


Alkatrazz - Akira

Alkatrazz - Wizzerd!!!.mp3 160kbps : 3.3Mb : 2:38

Alkatrazz - Akira.mp3 320kbps : 6.8Mb : 2:56

Alkatrazz is a rap group from Portland Oregon. Its members are Sandbox, Tarzan, and Moonwalker Texas Ranger. They don't have a myspace profile or any bull crap like that cause they are too gang related. If other gang members saw they had a myspace profile, then they would get made fun of.


Buddy Beats

TMelly - 45 45 45 smoove.mp3 128kbps : 3Mb : 3:12

DJ Ceez - Josie's Vacation.mp3 128kbps : 5.3Mb : 5:40

Here are a couple of my friends tracks that I thought were noteworthy also. TMelly straight outta North Portland is making hip-hop and smooth beats but uses a nice dirty synth sound on this track that I really liked. DJ Ceez spins at Diablos Downtown Lounge in Eugene Oregon every Thursday night. This is one of his new remixes of The Outfield's track, "Your Love".


Runnin Game

DMoeFunk - Runnin Game.mp3 320kbps 3:17 7.6mb

This track I made fairly recently for our night up in Seattle. We played lots of downbeat stuff and I ran accapelas all over this beat. It was made of all Reason stock samples but its still groovin.


Wild Stallion

DMoeFunk - Wild Stallion Mix.mp3 11.6Mb 10:01 160kbps

This is a super weird and crazy mix that I did back in 2005. It feels like more of a compilation of tracks and things I listened to in the 90's. It switches up songs real fast and sometimes doesn't exactly "flow". I don't think I used more than a few bars of each song.


Elephant Water Park

DMoeFunk - Elephant Water Park.mp3 320kbps

This last month I haven't been feeling like making music very much at all. Its crazy how my music making drive has gone from insane to almost non existent. I don't have any clue why this is except that I've just all around become really lazy and more into video games than most other things. None the less, here is a track I made for my Mom for Christmas. And here are some links to stuff I've been into lately.

Empire Earth II --- A real-time strategy game where your civilization advances from cavemen to robots!!! I'm way into it. Me and buddies play all the time. If you purchase you can play online.

Imagining The Tenth Dimension --- Imagine that!

A good add --- I like it.

Liero Xtreme --- I have been looking for this game for about a billion years. I used to play it when I was 16 and have been itchin to play since. I finally found it. Its fun and its free to download. Imagine the game Worms, but real time!


Make Dub Not War

Ale Fillman vs. Aporia - Make Dub Not War.mp3
:: 54:10 :: 192 kbps :: 74.4mb ::

So I found this mix by Ale Fillman out of Denver. And I'm really into it. Especially the first couple of tracks. A Dubstep/Grimey mix w/ a touch of cutting and scratching. Happy New Year and enjoy!


King Midas Sound: Surround Me
Distance: Traffic
M.R.K.1: Grit
DJ Matoa: Split
The Antiserum: Top Shottas
Matty G: Bitter Love
Misk: The Deep Ones
Babylon System: Loaded
Massive Music: Find My Way
The Bug: Jah War feat. Flowdan - Loefah Remix
Ale Fillman: Bomb the Selecta
Babylon System: Dancin Shoes
Resynthesize: C4 Crash
Marlow: Road Kill
Mathhead: Parasites
Ed Solo & Skool of Thought: Sludge
Ooah: Tubstomper