I Love The Sound Of Booty Shakin'

Nick Lowe vs Wreckx-N-Effect - I Love The Sound Of Booty Shakin' (DMoeFunk Mash).mp3 320kbps : 7.7Mb : 3:18

Ok, I know I have not posted any remixes or songs in a long time. But I have been working on stuff. So here is a mash-up for you! Ray was mad that I didn't put up stuff sooner. So there are more tracks to come this month so stay tuned!!!


Aaron's Birthday Garage Jam

Jam Clip 1.mp3 7.5Mb : 128kbps : 8:03

Morgan's Song.mp3 661kb : 128kbps : :38

Some clips of tracks we made in my garage at Aaron's last munute birthday party. It was all improv. Message me if you want the whole file.