B-Day Party

If you know me, then you know I love to have awesome dance partys for my birthday. And this year is no exception. I also got this Aaliyah remix done. So happy birthday me.

Nick Lally Philadelphia/Oakland artclash.com

DMoeFunk Portland discositdown.com

Tyler T Portland
100 Bones Mixtape zshare

Aaliyah feat. Timbaland - Are You That Somebody (DMoeFunk Remix).mp3 320kbps : 10.6Mb : 4:34


Nebula Path

DMoeFunk - Nebula Path.mp3 320kbps : 7.9Mb : 3:18

DMoeFunk - Dry Hump.mp3 320kbps : 12Mb : 5:05

Ok so I forgot about these two tracks that were also on the album. But thats it I promise. I have to do my taxes.


Fun Flash Games

This is a cool flower game called Seed. You can cross polinate different flowers and create new ones. Its way fun and cool.

This Processing program called Yellowtail is a super fun drawing program that lets you do cool things.

Red is a classic arcade style shooting game with cool music and fun play action.

Bloxorz is a great flash puzzle game. I like all these games cause they are non violent and you can be creative (except for Red). I like to play violent games to but I'd rather share the creative ones. Let me know if you know of any tight creative flash stuff.


Diizy - It Takes Heart.mp3 128kbps : 6.2Mb : 6:41

This tracks comes outta Van City British Columbia. Diizy was so kind as to send it this morning and I thought it was hype enough to share with all yall. He sampled a northern soul song by Greg Perry. Enjoy!



Old Episodes Fixed

A few of you have been complaining about the old podcast episodes being unavailable. So I fixed them. Our old podcast "The Discositdown-Spacecast" complete catalog is now available for download and/or listen.
Episode 10
Episode 9
Episode 8
Episode 7
Episode 6
These were the ones that were unavailable before. I strongly recommend listening to all of them if you have not heard them before. They are awesome!

Take It To The Max

DMoeFunk - Take It To The Max.mp3 192kbps : 3Mb : 2:03

I want to do more songs like this. I feel like its more true to myself when I rap freestyle and just let everything flow. The problem is that not everything my mind spits out is very socially exceptable. But isn't that what makes music so great every now and then?


Song For Gen

DMoeFunk - Song For Gen.mp3 320kbps : 19.7Mb : 8:32

DMoeFunk feat. Anthony Cotham - Pooped My Pants.mp3 320kbps : 5.6Mb : 2:18

Well, I think thats about it for the Space Disco album. I have released all the tracks individually on this blog and I will soon post a link to purchase the album in its entirety. It has skits and funny stuff in between most of the tracks plus a dj mix of some of the tracks at the end. I have some new songs and remixes to post real soon so stay tuned.

I made the "Song For Gen" when I first started dating Genevieve. I started making it over at Gen's house hangin out with her. Then later I finished it at Jim and Nathan's house while they went to get beer. The "Pooped My Pants" track was made in our garage and my room-mate Anthony came in to play the keys.


Erik Travis - Old Skool

I usually don't post videos but...

dmoefunk youtube account