Episode 23 - Piledriver

How about a live mix. Ok here it is. Enjoy.

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Mr Romo - The Haloween Set 09

Hi Yall,
I figured id share the set i dropped on halloween. I was sandwiched between progressive house and dubstep and needed to make the transition to keep the party rollin. There was around 200 in attendance, so not a major show by any standard, but i did get a lot of positive support from the crowd. I came out of a set by F'n Danny Boy (progressive house), so im not sure what that cut is i mixed out of. The end it drops (had to switch laptops... need SL3 :(

My server (Better Quality):


My set:
1 - Pon De Floor - Major Lazer - (Cold Blank Remix)
2 - The Lock Shot - Goshi Goshi - (Mr Romo's Remix)
3 - Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys - (Stanton Warriors Remix)
4 - The Red Pill - Scratch D - (Mr Romo's 2001 Remix)
5 - United Groove - LVis - (Mr Romo's Remix)
6 - Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - (John Roman Remix)
7 - Im In Miami Bitch - LMAFO - (Right Hand Barber Remix)
8 - Random Hit - Lady Soverign - (Mr Wig Remix)
9 - Urban Uproad - Visionary Underground
10 - Iron Shirt - Max Warfield - (Krafty Kuts Vs Mr Romo Remix)
11 - Art of Revolution - Bassnectar - (Lulu Rouge Remix)
12 - Super Stylin - Groove Armada - (Amplive vs Mr Romo Remix)
13 - Breathe - Prodigy - (Numbernin6 remix)
14 - Mash Up The Place - Switch - (Mr Romo's Rebeat Mix)
15 - Viva Tibet - Freq Nasty - (Bassnectar East and West Remix)
16 - Ghost Town - The Specials - (Suspicious Stench Remix)
17 - Easter Jam - Chase & Stratus - (Lulu Rouge Remix)
18 - Badman Near Dark - King Cannibal - (Komonazmuk Remix)
19 - Lions - Malente & Dex - (New Kidz Remix)

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Dead Man's Trail

Deadman's Trail by dmoefunk
download 320kbps
I broke my laptop. But I did manage to salvage this track from it.
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Episode 22 - Spagetti


Live Robot Jam
Indian Sonic - Grodji (Igorrr Mix)
Evermore - Can You Hear Me (DCUPs Horny Mix)
Nuuro - Avila
Mistabishi - White Collar Grime
Get Dat Puddin
Chairlift - Evident Utensil
Blank - I'm Going For Your Brother (Boody B Remix)
Subtle - F.K.O. (Console Remix)
Missy Elliot - Shake Your Pom Pom
Gizzmode - Can You Smell Gasstep
Rynhardt Crous - Ek Se Ek Se
Royksopp - Happy Up Here (Boyz Noize Remix)
Unknown Turkish Rap Song
Vlue - Give Us A Snare Rush
Vlue - Untitled Track
DevonWho - Whiteplastic()
Brian Tregaskin - Teddy Oggie

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Kooma Bear - Thermal Energy

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

Arthur wrote and illustrated this short cartoon about thermal energy. We worked together on the sound. And Kristine Kistner did the video editing.


The Begining

In 1996 I stayed up late one Sunday night and saw this video on MTV. The show was called AMP, and it featured electronic music videos. This video totally freaked me out in a good way. So I recorded it and watched it over and over and over again.


Yarg! Its the FIN mix.

Bam! I put this together to destroy my arch-nemesis Weird Beard. Hes now rollin 10's in Davey Jones Locker. Wear a seat belt.


The preceding post has little to do with actual pirates other than pirates are freakin cool as hell.
Side effects of this mix may include disbelief, jealous rage, monkey butts, and occasionally leaky faucets.


Tone Matrix


Falling Sand Game

This game is way sick. You should definitely try it.


The Best Things In The World

DMoeFunk & Nick Lally - Juke-Down Saturday Night.mp3 320Kbps : 17.6Mb : 7:38

water trampoline broken computer
horchata smog
chocolate taxes
strawberry alarmclock
glamrock patrick henry
lemonade terrorism
ping-pong homework
burrito republicans
dick cheny piƱatas ☺


Day Off Jam

Jesse Espinoza feat. Eric Hartman - Day Off Jam.mp3 320kbps : 3.8MB : 1:38

This is a nice little jam we had in my garage. I recorded it earlier this summer when Jesse started playing some tight riffs. Then Eric steps in and plays a cool flute solo with a flute that he made himself.