Episode 14


This Weeks Opinion Poll..
What is better? "The Flight Of The Navigator" 1986 film
"Quantum Leap" 90's Television Seriese?

You decide in this weeks Opinion Poll. Just leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I think Flight of the Navigator was cooler because there were aliens. If Quantum Leap had Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) playing the voice of an alien, then it would rule supreme all over Flight of the Navigator all day. But instead it has a game boy that just makes beepees. BULL!


Axer - 123 (Pryda)
Chromeo - Unknown Track
Unknown Song
Sebastien Tellier, Mr. Oizo & SebastiAn - Ringardos
Project Jenny, Project Jan - 320
Wheeler Walker Ponder - In The Future
Jem - They
Derrick Carter - Where Ya At?
Justice - Genesis
Jill Cuniff - Happy Warrior (DJ Sujinho Remix)
Markus - Hot Milkshake 2
Midfield General - Keeping It Real
Skyotes - Snacks
Scott Grooves feat. Parliment - Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)
Flight Of The Navigator - Song 2
Bassnectar - Unknown Track
Faithless - We Come 1


Dominic said...

I think flight of the navigator kills quantumleap, purely based on character, a flyin spaceship that laughs like peewee herman,I mean cmon you cant beat that

Anonymous said...


Down Jones said...


DMOE you have to check out the remix sundays on this blog... lots of cool material...

The Vinyl Pimpz said...

The Flight Of The Navigator

Jesse said...

Quantum Leap. Easily. It's not about a gay little kid. It was an ongoing show with a storyline and dramatic situations every week. It also didn't need to bank on the gimmicky Pee Wee Herman. And also it's not about a gay little kid that can't get the hook up with Sara Jessica Parker. What a gay little kid.

Anonymous said...

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