Elephant Water Park

DMoeFunk - Elephant Water Park.mp3 320kbps

This last month I haven't been feeling like making music very much at all. Its crazy how my music making drive has gone from insane to almost non existent. I don't have any clue why this is except that I've just all around become really lazy and more into video games than most other things. None the less, here is a track I made for my Mom for Christmas. And here are some links to stuff I've been into lately.

Empire Earth II --- A real-time strategy game where your civilization advances from cavemen to robots!!! I'm way into it. Me and buddies play all the time. If you purchase you can play online.

Imagining The Tenth Dimension --- Imagine that!

A good add --- I like it.

Liero Xtreme --- I have been looking for this game for about a billion years. I used to play it when I was 16 and have been itchin to play since. I finally found it. Its fun and its free to download. Imagine the game Worms, but real time!


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