Valentine - Update

This is a music video I made for my girlfriend Genevieve for Valentines Day. I recorded myself playing guitar and singing using Ableton. And then I made the music video in Windows Movie Maker. Its super cheesy but hey. This is a medley of two Harry Connick Jr. songs "Come By Me" and "I'm Walkin".

DMoeFunk - Harry Connick Jr Medley.mp3 160kbps : 3.9Mb : 3:24

Gt brought to my attention that "I'm Walkin" is not originally a Harry Connick Jr. song. Its a Fats Domino track from the fifties. So I found this Wu-Tang mash-up of the track at myspace.com/wuorleans. Theres also a bunch of other "Wu Orleans" mash-ups as well. Thanks for the knowledge GT!

DJ BC - Boxing Fats Domino.mp3 256kbps : 4.6Mb : 2:17


Sho said...

Dan, that's super awesome-cute. (Awesome-cute is the word I use when I want to say something is cute, but I want to be all manly about it.)

Anonymous said...

I bet your girl dug it. "I'm Walkin" is a Fats Domino song from the fifties, not HCJ, though.

Anonymous said...

By "found" you mean "shown by Jesse Espinoza"

dmoefunk said...

yes shown by Jesse