Roland TR-808 Operation Demonstration

DMoeFunk - Wee Wee Club.mp3 320kbps : 21.1MB : 9:07

My friend Eliott Porter at Cesspool Projects asked me to make a track for a Roland TR-808 compilation disc that he was putting together. The criteria was that I could only use the Roland TR-808 sounds for the drums. The album was released on Aug 8, 2008 (08/08). He got a wide variety of artists to contribute to it's broad ranging track selection. It is way sick! If the album becomes available for sale, you can probably get it at its discogs release.

The track I made is a cover of The Mighty Boosh's song "Love Games". I just used a synth. Enjoy!


mummy said...

love the last half 3:50 >>> rough as - what other instrument are you using ? the 808 sounds distorted ?? are you running it through an effect filter ?? excellent !!!!!!

dmoefunk said...

Wow yeah I am distorting the kick snare and hh. Thanks!